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About Primrose Radar Calibration

Who we are and what we offer


Primrose Radar is a mobile ADAS Calibration company that has been serving repair centres, garages and vehicle owners themselves for the last 5 years with ADAS Calibrations, Module Codings, Electric Vehicle Shutdowns and Diagnostics.

We provide a mobile ADAS calibration service using the latest calibration equipment.

All our mobile technicians are IMI accredited and undergo a rigorous in house training programme before they are qualified to perform ADAS Calibrations to our exacting standards.

We offer a 24 hour response and will attend your Bodyshop or Garage to calibrate any accident damaged vehicles issuing full calibration certification.

What started out as a depot in Blackburn covering The North West of the UK, we quickly expanded into Yorkshire, The Midlands, The North East, Wales and eventually into Scotland. And now, with a depot in London and one coming very soon in Plymouth, we can proudly say we are the largest mobile calibration company in the UK.  

We work very closely with some of the best in the industry and we strive to be the trusted partner for automotive professionals and vehicle owners, delivering state-of-the-art calibration solutions and module codings with the utmost convenience.

We come to you! Same day service for all enquiries before 10am!

Our highly trained and IMI Accredited Technicians can be with you to carry out ADAS Calibrations, Module Codings, Electric Vehicle Shutdowns and Diagnostics with the latest equipment and technology needed to ensure the vehicle's ADAS is calibrated to the standards that meet the manufacturer’s requirements. 

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for 'Advanced Driver Assistance Systems' which is becoming more of a regulatory system for any modern vehicles. 

ADAS systems includes technologies that assist drivers such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Braking Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and many more.

As automotive technology advances, ADAS calibrations are emerging as a standard requirement for modern cars. With each passing year, the demand for these calibrations is experiencing rapid growth, reflecting the increasing recognition of their necessity in ensuring optimal functionality and safety in today's vehicles. And when these systems/modules are replaced they can need programming to the vehicle to ensure optimal functionality, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

These systems are the first step in the ongoing push to autonomous vehicles and the need for repair facility’s for these systems is becoming ever more important. It is predicted that 50% of all new cars will have ADAS by 2030, and all new HGV's are already produced with various forms of collision avoidance systems as a legal requirement.

We can offer all of these services at your doorstep just a phone call away! Enquire Now!

ADAS Equipment & Manufacture Software

ADAS Calibrations require specialist equipment that meet manufacture standards and guidelines. Here at Primrose we have multiple brands of equipment so we can maximise the amount of vehicles we can work on.

Any new ADAS system on a car must be programmed before calibrated, to ensure these advanced technologies operate as they should and your vehicle is safe for you and others. This is also the case for Airbag ECUs, Steering Racks, Headlamps, Keys and many more.

To programme new ECUs to vehicles, specialist Manufacture Software is required to do this, here at Primrose we also have access to all of the software's needed to programme any ECU on any Vehicle! 

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